Physician Tax Deductions

At MedInsure Group, we recognize that personal insurance needs are just one of the areas that every physician must address in order to prosper during their career in medicine. To fully realize your lifestyle goals, you must have a properly coordinated financial plan that will prepare you for the challenges that the future holds. Here’s just a few of the resources we can connect you with when those needs arise:

  • Upon graduation from medical school, you can take advantage of our full service insurance agency geared toward physicians with multiple carriers in multiple states so you can have a life-long relationship no matter where your career takes you throughout the US. If you are moving to a new state shortly, click here to obtain online auto quotes.
  • Upon completion of residency or fellowship, our student loan advisory firm can help you understand options and navigate forgiveness programs, re-finance options, repayment or forebearance choices as well as discuss career decisions that can come into play.
  • Specialized disabilty insurance programs come into play as you get ready to enter practice. There are often advantages to locking in a program just before you exit your residency or fellowship program.
  • When joining a practice our financial advising team can assist with contract review, choosing between saving, investing or paying down debt and setting up short and long-term planning, savings and retirement goals. We’ll be with you from start to finish with the objective of helping you flourish professionally.
  • When starting your own practice we can bring a lot of experience to the table from everything concerning business startup advice, credentialing, medical malpractice and business owners insurance to financing options. Later on, we can assist with capital management, wealth preservation and tax advice.
  • When preparing for retirement physicians turn to us for business succession advice, tax planning and retirement planning which is just as important as the prior accumulation phases when it comes to financial security.