Boat/Watercraft Insurance

For some people, owning a boat is a distant dream reserved for retirement or someday far in the future. For others who are already living that dream, it is important to protect your luxury investment. It is all fun and games until you get stuck in a situation that could become very costly very quickly. Whether you have a kayak or a yacht, MedInsure Group will be able to give you more details on which insurance policy will be the right one for you.

Why Purchase Boat Insurance ?

Although boat insurance may not be a requirement by law to operate a watercraft, there are certain circumstances in which an insurance policy is necessary. For instance, if you have financed your boat through a lender, the lender might require insurance for the duration of the loan. This is because the lender sees your boat as collateral and wants to make sure it is well-protected.

Regardless of whether or not you have financed your boat, it is a smart decision to insure your watercraft and be sure your insurance company understands who will be piloting the boat. For example, if your boat is in an accident whether you are the captain or not, you could be facing a number of expensive repairs and liability claims. With a boat insurance plan, your investment and finances will be protected. There is no reason to put yourself or your vessel at risk when there is a policy out there that will fit your needs perfectly for a relatively small insurance premium.

There are a number of watercraft insurance plans available and one of the professionals at MedInsure Group will be able to help you find a plan to fit.

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