Flood Insurance

Over the past ten years we have seen a dramatic change in weather patterns and constrution projects that have thrown much of our flood modeling out the window. Homes that have existed for one hundred years without a threat of flood water are being swept away in sudden storms of flash flooding.

As flood maps are updated, many of our clients are finding that their mortgage company is now requiring flood insurance in order to keep servicing the property loan.

Why Should I Be Concerned About Flooding?

Flooding is the most common form of natural disaster in the United States, and there are different kinds of flooding, including (but not limited to) flash flooding, debris jams, river overflows, mudslides, levee failure and more. The FEMA backed national flood insurance program has been operating at a loss since its inception and weather modeling agencies such as the National Weather Service predict its only going to get worse.

How Flood Insurance Can Help

While having flood insurance cannot undo the flood itself, it can significantly decrease the financial burden of a loss. Coverage is available through government backed programs as well as through private insurance companies making coverage available throughout most of the US.

Contact MedInsure Group today to learn how we can help. We can help you determine your flood zone and risk factors if available and then let you know the cost for flood coverage.

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