Auto Insurance

Your automobile is one of the highest risk assets you will ever own. It is a 2-4 ton hunk of metal traveling around blind corners in dark parking garages or at high speeds on roads which may contain ice or oils slicks. The potential for property damage or bodily injury is high for all of us. But, let’s face it, doctors can have above average earning potential and therefore can be attractive targets for litigation. High-value households need high liability coverage in a comprehensive package.

Having an agent that is not beholden to one insurance carrier and can act as your agent for life is a powerful risk management tool not only when you write the policy, but also when the eventual claim occurs. MedInsure Group works with multiple top-tier carriers throughout the US in order to serve our clients from residency to retirement.

What you need to know about auto insurance companies (regulatory environments and policy forms).

All insurance policies are not created equal. Many low tier/ low cost insurance carriers carve out coverage from the standard policy form in order to save a few dollars and increase their sales rates. MedInsure Group does not work with these discount coverage carriers as we have seen how poor coverage can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars with income garnishments that can last for years. Instead, we work with top-tier insurance carriers with solid financial ratings and whose preferred market matches our clientel. Great coverage at a great rate is a win-win.

Balancing Coverage vs Cost

Balancing coverage vs cost can be a very subjective decision. We begin by helping our clients understand that better coverage does not necessarily mean higher cost. It is a matter of putting your insurance dollar to work in the most effective manner. A $500 windshield claim is not serious when compared to a $100,000 medical bill. The cost of the windshield coverage is often the same cost as doubling your liability coverage level, so put that twenty dollars where the real risk lies to obtain the best value from your insurance dollar.

What are some coverage options with auto insurance?

Collision, Comprehensive, Personal Injury, Medical Payments, Rental Reimbursement, Gap or Loan/Lease, Replacement Cost, Commercial Auto, Non-Owned/Hired Auto, Custom Equipment, Property In Transit, Stored Vehicles… are just a few examples of coverage options that can be tailored to your individual needs.

We know that securing the right policy with the right amount of car insurance can be difficult, that's why we at MedInsure Group are here to help. See our contact information below.

Home Insurance

Your home or condo is frequently one of the largest assets you will ever purchase, and where you will store many of your personal belongings, investment assets and collectibles. Protecting the dwelling and everything stored within is a frequent area of change for our clients as their income grows. Wine enthusiasts, art collections, family members, home improvements, and even pets can change your risk profile. As your needs change, so should your policy in order to prevent any coverage gaps. The good news is that the home, condominium, and renters insurance policy forms can be easily customized to add, reduce or increase coverage according to your needs. The cost for these coverage options is often surprisingly inexpensive. However, taking the time to have a conversation every few years about current risks, coverage options, and costs is important to ensure you are not under, but also not over-covered.

Liability coverage through your home, condo or renters policy.

Liability coverage through your home, condominium, or renters policy is just as important as the liability coverage through your auto insurance policy. The home liability policy is actually a broader in scope as it will provide coverage for many risks not only at your home location, but also for many risks away from home.

Common items not automatically covered by the standard home insurance policy.

Flood, Water Backup, Sump Pump Failure, Earthquake, Homeowner (HOA) or Condo (COA) Association assessments and other items are often not included on the base home policy form, but can often be added to the home policy, or, purchased as a separate policy. Property policies will also have limited coverage for many high value, easily stolen items such as Jewelry, Guns, Currency, and Silverware. Be sure to discuss coverage concerns with us as your needs change throughout the years.

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