Specialized Solutions to Keep Your Business Healthy and Profitable

Our expertise is in serving the risk management needs of the healthcare industry. Caring for patients is demanding in and of itself, but your practice and personal policies are also in need of constant attention to remain in good health. 

From private physician practices to large medical groups, we have the resources to help! MedInsure Group’s Medical Business Solutions team will assist your growing practice by bundling services, negotiating rates, and coordinating insurance and vendor programs to support the practice manager and safeguard the health of your practice. 

Our methods of protection include but are not limited to:

Business Liability Insurance

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, and lawsuits can be a tremendous financial drain on your practice. Bundled Business Owner Packages (BOPS) and medical office programs have options that go above and beyond the liability basics with added coverages such as business income, employment practices liability, employees driving for business purposes, and cyber/data breach protection. MedInsure Group will work with you to find the right coverage to protect your financial future.

Workers Compensation Insurance

With special programs like Needle Stick Reimbursement, our carriers understand the unique risks inherent to physicians and dentists. Our expert team will ensure your practice is covered for these situations.

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Your financial security is essential, and your professional reputation is priceless. Malpractice claims should never threaten that. Our medical malpractice experts work with multiple carriers that offer a variety of policy types to meet your specific needs.

Personal Insurance Coverage

High value clients need high liability coverage for their home and auto insurance. Without the proper insurance, your assets and future earnings could be at risk; this is why our team will take the time to understand your individual situation. We provide a solid coverage review to help identify areas of risk, followed by a discussion of available solutions so you can make an informed decision when balancing risk versus coverage versus cost. We work with multiple top-tier carriers across the nation allowing us to select a honest match for your coverage needs.

Medical Business Solutions puts it all together

The role of the medical office practice manager is extremely demanding; organizing personnel, patients, marketing, accounting, services and vendors into a smooth-moving, coordinated machine. MedInsure Group’s Medical Business Solutions team was created to help you manage, control, and coordinate many of the vendor services that support your office. From workers’ compensation, to medical malpractice, to covering medical equipment and exam tables, we work with you to bring in expert help when and where it’s needed, while looking for ways to cut costs and bundle services.